Top 30 Tips on Self-Regulation for Teachers & Child Care Providers
Compiled by Graduate students at Santa Clara University, these tips and games are a perfect tool for teachers who want to begin implementing self-regulated learning strategies in their pedagogy.

What Parents Need to Know About Self-Regulation: Supporting Self-Regulation in the Home
Preview of some of the tips for development at home:
  • Parents first have to make sure that they model their own behaviors in intentional ways
  • Having an environment that is free of distractions
  • Engage in mature make-believe play

Here are some tricks for sensory style learners in particular. Homework breaks are definitely important as well as setting up an environment that is healthy for a students learning style.

TIPS for speaking to children effectively:
  • Talk to a child at eye level, don't tower above them
  • Use a child's name when speaking to them, this helps to keep their attention and makes them feel valued
  • If a child is disinterested in the directions you have given, try giving him/her 2 options
    • Example: "Bradely it is time to do your homework, would you like to do it at your desk or on the carpet?"