Transition Ideas

Silent Math

-During the times your entire class is lined up and and waiting, have one child start by using fingers and hand signals to give math problems. (Example: Hold up one finger (1), then make a plus sign (+), then two fingers (1+2). Lastly, put one hand above the other facing in opposite directions for the equal sign(=).) If a student wants to answer, he/she must raise their hand to be called on. They must give the answer using fingers and hand signals

Pass the Parcel

-Cover a small box in brown paper. It is played like hot potato. It could be used as a lesson summarizer - when the music or counting stops that student has to say a fact that they learned about in the learning unit, ask a question about the unit, or answer a question.

Create a classroom “Happy Box”

-Decorate several shoe boxes with contact paper/wrapping paper/or fabric. Fill it with a variety of themed
materials. These materials should correlate with your specific learning unit. Rotate the materials out for each unit and add to items every few weeks. This could be a filler for students who finish an activity early.

Lining Up Idea

-Have students line in alphabetical order, in sequence of their birthdays, have the students spell or define vocabulary words while lining up, spell a spelling word, by height, by colors, or patterns, etc.

Quiet Hand Signs

-Have your students hold up your school hand sign and teach them that whenever you are holding up this particular sign, it means no talking. Have them walk through the hallways holding up the quiet sign as well.

(All ideas compiled from:
Every Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Management by Alice Terry
Transition Time – Let’s Do Something Different by: Jean Feldman)